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Here’s How Coach Noble Scaled His Fitness Business from 75 To Over 200 Clients with FitBudd

Sangeet Thakur
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Meet Derek Noble, a certified personal trainer from Phoenix, Arizona. He is the founder, owner, and head coach of Noble Nutrition and Team Noble Bodybuilding. 

He's been involved in fitness for as long as he can remember and has an extensive background with bodybuilding contests to prove it!

Coach Noble understands that sculpting the perfect physique for a client takes more than a few templates thrown at them. It requires a meticulous game plan with the proper balance of nutrition, training, and supplementation.

What Problem Was He Facing Before FitBudd?

Before he discovered FitBudd, Coach Derek was training and managing clients through spreadsheets and text messages, which turned out to be a very tedious and cumbersome task.

In an interview with FitBudd, he stated, I originally started with spreadsheets and emails and then progressed to an online platform. But after about a year of using that online platform, it started giving me tech-related issues. It was lagging, and I was failing to upload the files properly to client accounts. So then I switched over to FitBudd

I had over 100 clients at that time, so it was definitely a challenge to move about 100 clients, 100 programs, and 100 diets to a different platform. But the feedback was resoundingly positive from all the clients that I had worked with.

The Success Story of Derek’s Journey

Coach Noble, the founder of Noble Nutrition and Team Noble Bodybuilding, needed an online platform that would help him manage all aspects of fitness training and client management. 

He and his team train online clients from different parts of the world like the United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Mexico, Africa, Morocco, etc. So he needed a platform to not only reduce the redundant hours spent on analyzing spreadsheets but also to streamline and grow his fitness business!

After using FitBudd, Derek has been super happy, and he shared his and his team’s experience with us :

They (clients) went from using this app that wasn't even native really - it was just kind of a white label, and you would just be able to download the icon - to having an application where they actually believed that this was something that I paid for to upload to the app store. So, it is much smoother, much cleaner, and much easier to use.

Like even my marketing team that had worked before, like the guy that owns the marketing team was an app developer, and he was like, oh who built this for you? He was like it looks like it's a native app, and it was very impressive.

So I mean the fact that they didn't know that I was able to do this without a single setup fee, like it was completely free to set up, and it's not that expensive at all to use. It is worth every penny.

In fact, we're working on our third application to get published.

We're working with different niches and different clients from all over the world. So, as I start and grow these companies, I just email FitBudd, and I'm like, I need another app and another app!

So, after these three fitness apps, we are going to try for five and have five different companies, five different niches, and scale from there. 

I am definitely a huge fan of the app!” 

Coach Noble’s Reasons To Love FitBudd: Favorite Features & More

Coach Noble and his team are able to grow their fitness business at a tremendous rate because of FitBudd’s seamless platform. But here’s what he finds the best about FitBudd:

The fact that it is completely white-labeled. The fact that I have 100 clients that believe that I have a dev team, that I spent 50,000 dollars on getting this done.

And the fact that I can reach out to FitBudd through the chat system and say hey, you know, I’m having this issue, I need this set up for a client, etc., and it gets done overnight.

So the fact that it’s just so native and it flows so well and has such an impressive user interface.”

Derek’s Quick Tip For Trainers New To The FitBudd Platform

“I would say, keep all your communications through the application as it's super easy and quick. 

You no longer have to send messages through Instagram, email, or text messages. Everything is covered in the application, and you can easily focus on improving the training process, nutrition, clients' needs, etc. 

The app becomes your workspace. Your clients get a hold of you the fastest this way, and you can set your hours as well.” 

He also mentioned in the interview that During the weekends, if a client checks in, and there’s significant progress, I screenshot their first week to fifth-week transition using the FitBudd App, as it shows side by side progress comparison, and I post that on social media! This motivates them as they feel like a leading example to others.

Derek's story is one of ambition and drive. Driven by his passions, he has built a global community from the ground up, and with FitBudd he is set to expand like never before.

Grow Your Fitness Business Like Coach Noble

With the rise of mobile technology and its capabilities, fitness apps are becoming more popular among personal trainers and fitness coaches who want to provide their clients with a supreme training experience.

Derek Noble has taken this trend one step further by creating an app that will allow anyone - no matter where they live or what device they use - to work out alongside him. 

The interactive FitBudd Portal and App makes it easier for both him and his clients to look up their daily schedule, check-in the progress, track daily activity, connect with each other, and so on. 

Like Derek, many coaches and fitness instructors are growing their fitness business with the power of their own fitness app.

So what are you waiting for? 

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