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4 Tips For The Holiday Season—Get More Money & Clients

Chayan Garg
4 min read

The holidays are a lovely time to spend with family members and friends. For fitness trainers, the holidays are a great time to make money and welcome the new year with an influx of new clients.

Many people, however, find themselves in a slump when the holiday season ends.

They can’t seem to get their heads back into the groove as they enter into the new year only to discover that they hardly have any new clients or money.

In this blog, we'll discuss several ways to start this year off right, with more clients and money.

Retain & Motivate Your Existing Clients

Clients are the most important thing of any business because they determine the growth of the business. It's the foundation of any marketing effort and a key to long-term profitability.

To grow your fitness business, you'll need to provide something beneficial to your clients that will encourage them in achieving their objectives. As a result, client lifetime value rises, resulting in larger earnings.

How to retain more clients:

1. Personalize their fitness experience- As you work closely with clients, you will gain a better grasp of what they appreciate and dislike. For instance, someone may be fond of yoga, someone may prefer strength workouts, someone may be interested in cardio. Focus on keeping workout sessions that your clients enjoy even if they aren't necessarily profitable for you.

2. Request regular feedback and reviews- It's a win-win situation if you can get feedback, reviews, and advice for your gym training or online training sessions. You get constructive criticism and praise for what you've done well as well as what you could improve on.

As an outcome, you'll be able to tailor your business strategy to match your clients' demands while also giving them a voice that acts as motivation in itself. It also assists you in resolving critical issues before customers quit the ship, thereby increasing customer retention.

Building a strong client base is an important aspect of growing your fitness business.

Host A Holiday Fitness Challenge

It's no secret that the holidays can be a hectic time of year. Between the BBQ nights, a friend’s gathering, and endless shopping, stress finds its way. So how do your clients focus on their workout routine or healthy eating while still enjoying all the wonderful things about this season?

Organizing a Christmas fitness challenge is an excellent way to keep your clients engaged during the year's busiest and most tempting days.

A fitness challenge will hold your clients accountable whether they’re trying to get in shape, avoid weight gain, or simply feel good.

A fitness challenge also assists your clients to stay on track during the hectic holiday season, irrespective of their busy schedules. Each day of the challenge includes a different set of exercises to perform, as well as a preset number of repetitions to complete. It ensures that clients can follow the schedule easily.

Bonus tip: Because people are so busy over the holidays, the workout schedule can be as short as 15-20 minutes per day. It can include a quick walk, morning run, jumping jacks, or similar equipment-free exercises.

Add Holiday Flair To Your Social Media Handle

Go ahead, and do some holiday decorating for your clients. Create content around Christmas and New Year's to get your clients excited for the holiday season as well. Share your version of the holiday plate, health tips, dinner party menu, etc.

It promotes your attention to detail, which is an admirable trait for a personal trainer to have.

Consider offering some client-only resources on your website or social media handles that relate to the holiday season: think of a downloadable eBook, PDF, or Google Doc link with a week's worth of workouts one can do on the go.

Choose Your Email Headings Smartly

Finally, make sure you are leveraging email marketing. Use clever email headers, as this is the most essential aspect in determining whether or not your client will open your email.

Your email subject headings are like a label. They're designed to provide your clients or potential clients a hook that makes them want to read your email, just like a grocery label.

You can begin your emails with a catchy line to grab your client's attention, and then go ahead with offering a special discount, a coupon, a link to your blog, and so on.

Before You, Go Get a Ginger Bread, a Few Final Thoughts!

The holiday season is the time to connect with clients, friends, and family and share exciting things. If you're seeking new ways to attract customers these tips will help you out.

Happy holidays!

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