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Learn How Vanessa Grew Her Fitness Business By 3X With FitBudd

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Meet Vanessa Jakubowski, a personal trainer, bikini athlete, and online coach. She has helped over 500 people get fit, lose weight, and feel more confident about their bodies.

Then where was the problem?

Throughout her career, Vanessa has given her clients motivation to push their boundaries and achieve their desired body goals. Her never-ending appetite to individualise & diversify plans to deliver the best possible experience is second to none. These strenuous endeavours transformed into praises & appreciation from online audiences globally.

But as her fitness business grew, she started adopting a stick-it-together approach of using spreadsheets, WhatsApp, emails, and fitness videos scattered all over the place. It was inevitably becoming difficult to manage it all and keep track of clients’ performance in real-time.  

The need of the hour!

Vanessa needed a platform capable of:

  1. Managing multiple clients
  2. Reducing redundant hours spent on analysing spreadsheets
  3. Growing her fitness business

Vanessa launched her own fitness app on iOS and Android with the FitBudd platform. Since then her fitness business has swelled by 3X.

I was lucky to be the first App that was built by FitBudd. The platform they offer is amazing, then of course you have to fill it with your brand so it was hard work but well worth it. They are professional and quick in their response and always helpful. I am enjoying using my App and my clients love it too. Thanks so much, FitBudd for helping me develop my business!”

How is her own app helping her grow?

  1. Anybody in the world can now download her app on iOS or Android to train with her.
  2. She can now create a customized workout and diet plans in no time.
  3. Interactive dashboards make it easier to consume and read information – for her and her clients too.

It does not end there. Recently, a leading fitness and wellness supplement brand roped her in as their sponsored athlete.

Like Vanessa, many other fitness trainers are now using the power of their own app to internationalise their business and train people worldwide.

Will you be next?

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